Can students get parking permits?

Student parking permits are limited and must first be reserved. This reservation process coincides with class registration for that semester as designated per Admission's posted timetable. Typically, graduate students and most seniors who register properly as a full-time student at their designated registration date/time will be able to reserve a permit.

During the class registration period, students will have to register as a full-time Mānoa student through their STAR account first. After completing their registration, click on the reservation button on our home page to select a zone for their parking permit. Note: The reservation button is not on the parking portal account, it is on our home page. Once all spots for a specific zone are taken, it will no longer be viewable on the site.

Zone 8S, 21S, and MH are strictly for housing students. Proof of housing will be required before the permit will be distributed. 

If a student reserves the wrong zone, it may not be possible to switch to a different zone and may lose their reservation. Please be sure to double check the zone and description to prevent any error. Students who have early registration will have to wait until their regularly designated registration time (per admission’s posted timetable) to reserve a permit. 

Other permit options

Other permit options that do not require a reservation are available on a first-come, first-serve basis closer to the start of the semester. These permits include: carpool, moped/motorcycle and Zone 25 permits.

Off-campus parking options

There are several locations in the surrounding community that offer other parking options. These locations are not managed by UHM Commuter Services. For more information, click this link