Extend by Phone

How do I extend my parking time?

When prompted at the Pay Station, input your mobile phone number. 15 minutes before your time expires, you will receive a text message. Reply with how long (in minutes) you wish to extend your time. Extension has not been properly purchased and is not valid until you receive a confirmation text.

Example images are available at the bottom of the FAQ

Note: If initial parking time is more than 150 minutes (2.5 hours), you will not receive the option to use Extend-by-Phone in upper campus

Can I extend my parking after it expires?

No, you cannot.

Is there a minimum time extension?

Yes there is a minimum of 10 minutes per extension from 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM and a minimum of 15 minutes per extension from 4:00 PM until 8:00 PM. Check Pay Station for rates.

I parked before 4:00, but I want to extend past that time. Will I pay the daytime or evening rate?

You will be charged based on when your initial parking time expires. For example, if your parking expires at 3:55 PM, you will pay the daytime rate. However, if your parking expires at 4:05, you will pay the evening rate.

After I get the reminder, how long will I be able to reply and extend my time?

Processing extensions take some time. Sometimes, this may take seconds, but it may take minutes during busy times. When purchasing an extension, please reply 2-3 minutes before your parking expires to avoid mishaps. You will know your request has been processed when you receive a confirmation message.

Can I extend past the 3 hour time limit on upper campus parking?

No, all extensions count towards the time limit.

What do I do if I entered the wrong license plate?

If you receive any citations, send us an email at parking@hawaii.edu. Include a photo of your receipt and a photo of your license plate.

Will I need to download an app or make an account?

No, Extend-by-Phone is all handled through text messaging.

Will this cost me anything extra?

You will pay the normal rate, based on time of day.

Standard messaging rates apply.

Will I need to enter my credit card information again?

No, we simply increase the charge to your card.

If I leave my number, do I have to buy an extension?

No, leaving your number only guarantees you will get a reminder text and the option to extend your time.

Is there any way to refund my unused time?

No, Pay Station parking payments are nonrefundable.

Can I see an example of the reminder text and how to extend my time?

Of course!