Pay Station Instructions

Pay Station Instructions

Pay Stations are located across campus. All Pay Stations have hourly, daily and evening/weekend rates depending on location, day and time. These instructions demonstrate the purchase of a daily ticket but are relevant to all transactions.

Press Keypad once to activate screen

Pay Stations are solar powered and go to "sleep" to save energy. Wake up time may be up to 20 seconds.Pay Station

Enter license plate of vehicle

Your payment is tied to the license plate of your vehicle, please enter accurately. Enter license plate

Select from menu of options

Pressing 5 on the keypad would select: Green Stall Daily Select from menu of options

Payment Screen

Insert credit card with the front towards the left. Credit card processing can take up to 20-30 seconds. Once payment is complete, a receipt will print. Payment Screen

Credit Card Reader

Display Receipt

Place receipt face up on the driver's side dashboard. Display Receipt