How to Appeal Citation

Appealing a Citation

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Enter Citation Number from Ticket top then click Search Citations
If you have misplaced your ticket, you may also search by your License Plate
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On the login screen click on the "UH Login" button. 

For non-UH Mānoa and all other users:
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View My Parking Citations

  • A list of Citations will show
  • To Appeal, click on the "Appeal" button
    View Citations License plate will need to be confirmed
    Confirm Plate Number

Appeal Agreement

  • Review the details of the citation
  • Check "I have read and understand the above statements"
  • Click "Next"
    Appeal Agreement

Appeals Details

  • Confirm email address
  • Confirm or Add Mailing Address
  • Appeal Type is "Online"
  • Select preferred method of contact
  • Phone numbers are optional
  • Appeal Reason (see Recommendations below)
  • Upload a File or Photo
    • File format should be PDF, JPG, GIF or BMP
    • Combine multiple files into a single PDF
  • Submit
    • An email confirmation will be sent. It will have the details of your appeal but not show that a file was uploaded.
      Appeal Details
  • The Appeals Officer will determine the validity of the obligation based on information submitted to refute the charge.
  • During the appeals process do not remit payment.
  • Appeal results can take 2-4 weeks depending on the volume of appeals.
  • Additional late payment penalty of $10 will be on hold pending appeal results.
  • Should your appeal be denied, you will have 15 days to remit payment before late payment fee is added to citation amount.
  • Check your email regularly for your Appeal's result, from

In your appeal, detail why you should not have been cited. If there are relevant photos or documents to support your appeal, make sure to include legible copies of them when filing the appeal. Combine into a single PDF and attach to Appeal by using the Choose File button. For a vehicle no longer owned or one that was purchased after the citation was issued, please fill out and attach our Citation Disclaimer and provide accompanying paperwork, including a copy of Notice of Transfer you filed with the Honolulu Department of Motor Vehicles.

Not Acceptable Grounds for Appeal:
  • Unfamiliarity with regulations, e.g., new to campus
  • Loaned vehicle to a family member, friend, or associate
  • Other vehicles were also improperly parked
  • Late to class, meeting or appointment
  • Objection to parking fees or rules
  • Inability to pay amount of fines

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